Technical and economic assistance plan

The Associations grouped in ADAL, created and operating in countries within the region, understand the problems that a group of professional Film and Television Directors must face when they decide to create their own association with the purpose of achieving the full exercise of their rights as audiovisual authors.

Following this path implies, most of the times, the amendment of Laws, and to do it fast and efficiently, it is necessary to have the technical, legal, as well as the economic support to carry out administration proceedings, associations and declaration of works of the local Directors in order to have the most representation possible.

Within the framework of ADAL - Alianza de Directores Audiovisuales Latinoamericanos (Latin American Audiovisual Directors Alliance) and with the support of the Oficina Regional para Latinoamérica y el Caribe (Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean) of the CISAC - Confederación Internacional de Sociedades de Autores y Compositores (International Confederation of Authors and Composers), the Societies of the Alliance undertake to provide assistance for the creation of new CMOs - Collective Management Organizations - for Audiovisual Directors Author´s Rights in countries within the Latin American region.

In ADAL, we firmly believe that providing cooperation to an emerging society, not only with technical support, but also economic and, above all, the necessary know-how, will help these new Associations to develop rapidly and within the framework of the rules observed by their sister Associations grouped in CISAC and cooperating in their initial formation.

Strengthening a new society with the powers provided by the representation within their territory of all of our authors and their repertoire (for example, representing directors in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, etc.), is precisely the basis of the strategy we propose; to build an emerging society a feasible and sustainable project.

This assistance is also necessary since author´s rights must be made strong in the region. Achieving this will help the rest of the Authors Directors of the world to collect in the future, and through the strengthening of the new association, their rights in those countries were same are still not recognized.

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Members of ADAL

[bandera] CHILE

Society of Audiovisual Directors, Screenwriters and Playwrights

[bandera] PARAGUAY

Collective entity of management of audiovisual authors of Paraguay

[bandera] ARGENTINA

Directors Argentina

[bandera] COLOMBIA

Audiovisual Directors Colombian Association

[bandera] BRASIL

Brazilian Film and Audiovisual Directors

[bandera] MÉXICO

Audiovisual Work Makers, Public Interest Collective Management Association

[bandera] PANAMÁ

Association of Writers, Screenwriters, Dramatists and Audiovisual Directors of Panama

Societies of Screenwriters belonging to ADAL

[bandera] ARGENTINA

General Society of Authors of Argentina

[bandera] BRASIL

Society of Writers Authors Rights

[bandera] COLOMBIA

Colombian Society of Audiovisual, Theatre, Radio and New Technology Writers

[bandera] MÉXICO

General Society of Writers of Mexico

[bandera] MÉXICO

Society of Cinema, Radio and Television Scriptwriters and Screenwriters

To support the creation of Audiovisual Authors’ Right Management Associations in Latin America, sponsored by CISAC´s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean–Confederación Internacional de Sociedad de Autores y Compositores (International Confederation of Authors and Composers Associations).

International Confederation of Authors and Composers Associations

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